5 reasons why no one cares about your product


1. Because you are not stating clearly what it is and who it is for

If you are an early-stage product, you have to define your positioning. Only you know what you’ve built. If you are not stating clearly what the product is, and who the best-fit user is, the prospect will do what they do best: Nothing.

Here’s a shortcut: You have to be ___x_____ for _____x____. Either x can be broad, but then the other x has to be very specific. If both of these are clear and very specific, you are good.

The more vague they are, the more your marketing will struggle.

2. Because you don’t know the designation of the person you are making the product for

Yes, you have to know the actual designation of the person you are making the product for. Making a product for engineering isn’t good enough. You have to make it for a test engineer. With this, you can actually target them and set up some kind of marketing. You can even do top-down brand campaigns. But without it, your marketing team is hamstrung.

The clearer this is, the better your marketing will do.

3. Because you don’t know the buyer persona

Not the user persona, the buyer persona. Someone is going to make the decision to pay for your product. Find that person, and find out all you can about them, so you can figure out how to communicate to and convince them. My ground rule to figure out buyer persona is a simple question - Who will present the product on their year-end deck and ask for an appraisal?

That person is my buyer persona.

4. Because you aren’t doing enough to attract attention

Here’s something you need to know: No one cares that much about your B2B product. Not your existing customer, not your prospect. It solves a problem for them, that’s it. This is an advantage, because you can actually say anything you want.

Even if it is super-inflammatory, you’ll never get the backlash that perhaps a Netflix or Amazon would get for something similar. This is why it boggles my mind that products don’t get more creative, more edgy, more in-your-face. There’s so much space to do so.

But that’s your choice. You don’t want to take a chance? Great, you can be the same boring brand you always were. Just don’t complain to marketing that you aren’t getting noticed.

5. Because you are constantly telling people about your product and its amazing features

See the problem? Your prospect/the market does not care about your product or its AI/ML capabilities, it cares about what problem you can solve for them. You have to talk to your customer about themselves, not about you or your features.

And for the last time, how you built the product is not a differentiation.