Building in Public Definite Guide by Kevon Cheung


You're now reading the Building in Public eBook and guide that comes from months of studying, understanding, and implementing how Building in Public works for founders and creators.

We, and a lot of people, are learning this term and starting to use transparency to build better companies and products. The ultimate goal? To stay true to ourselves and win along the way.

Building in Public is a mindset & a strategy

If you take the face value of the three words, you know that it is about building something valuable and sharing the journey along the way. The thing is ... a lot of creators focus purely on the sharing part, treating the Internet like their daily journals and miss out the huge opportunity to leverage this strategy.

This guide consists of 10 chapters that are designed to help you get started today.

Key takeaways

In this guide, you'll

  • learn the fundamentals and benefits of Building in Public,
  • choose the channels and formats to optimize your sharing, and
  • understand the leverage of transparency to drive your business forward.

Before you start

You'll find that I use "creators" to represent a group of founders, creators, indie hackers, builders, and anyone who is creating something valuable for others. And I use "products" to represent companies, products, or projects.

You'll find examples from a group of creators with different backgrounds. I want to show you that Building in Public doesn't only work for people who already have a huge following (e.g. 30k Twitter followers), it can also help someone to get started.

I am making this guide free for everyone as I would love to see more people adopt the mindset and make the world a better place.

Finally, I share my journey creating this guide publicly on Twitter to embrace the mindset of Building in Public. Would love to hear from you, so say hi @kevon69.

Are you ready to get started?

All chapters

Chapter 1 - Why am I writing this guide? Chapter 2 - What is Building in Public? Chapter 3 - What are the benefits of Building in Public? Chapter 4 - How do you Build in Public? Chapter 5 - What channels and formats can you Build in Public on? Chapter 6 - How to write awesome Build in Public posts? (Coming soon) Chapter 7 - Do you just post? What else? (Coming soon) Chapter 8 - Things to watch out for while Building in Public (Coming soon) Chapter 9 - Great examples of Building in Public (Coming soon) Chapter 10 - Helpful resources (Coming soon)

Let's go: Chapter 1.