How to start, grow and monetize an event-first community


This is the pro version of article "Event-first community: How and Why".

The guide will be available in form of: Notion page, PDF and Audio.

  • Up to date resources for community managers curious about event-first communities.
  • Unified place to find information about community management tools, processes and best practices.
  • Collection of templates and guides to make the community management process easier.
  • You want to create an event-first community, but aren't sure how to start.
  • You're want to grow your event-first community.
  • You're want to monetize your event-first community but not sure how to.
  • You're seeking to improve the workflows of your event-first community.
  • Guide on how to set up event-first community (+ Notion template)
  • Overview and map of the tools you can use to start an event-first community
  • Guide on how to select the right community platform
  • Guide on monetization strategies for event-first communities (+ Notion template for sales and sponsorships)
  • Workflow breakdowns for event-first community managers
  • Guide on how to set up knowledge hub for event-first community (+ Notion template).

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